F*ck the Diets! F*ck the Diet Tribe which tells you that you’re not thin enough, not healthy enough, not happy enough, not good enough, not enough.


The tribe that promises you if you just follow their easy plans, the weight will come off and your life will be perfect.

Oh yeah?

The Diet Tribe is full of bullshit.


diet no

95% of people who engage in a programme to lose weight will regain that weight in the long-term.

The Diet Tribe’s answer to that? Have another go. Or stay on their programme for life.

Want to hand over your entire life to the Diet Tribe? I thought not. So what next?

Join the army of women who are giving diets the middle finger and declaring themselves good enough today.

Not 10, 20, or 100 lbs from now, and not when they reach size 16, 14, 12 – or zero.



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