Five Crisps Left Over

I don’t want to finish my crisps.

I’ve just been eating crisps. And there are five left. And I don’t want them. And I realised something pretty huge.

Here’s the story. I’m working away and today is a research day. As I was watching discussions and reading blog posts,I decided I wanted to eat some crisps. I’ve got a taste for salt so I picked up some Frazzles (for anyone not in the UK, these are bacon flavoured corn chips which are designed to look a bit like bacon rashers). (Not that the description is really important, but anyway).

I put them in a bowl ..

No, that is NOT a diet tip.

The reason I put crisps in a bowl is because I like eating them from a bowl. I haven’t analysed that – it just is.

Anyway … I put them in a bowl and ate them. If I found I was eating fast, I slowed down a bit because …. 

Nope, the above is NOT another diet tip.

The reason I eat crisps slowly is because I enjoy eating crisps slowly. I find the pleasure I get out of eating them increases for me when I take my time.

So I ate them in the way I like to eat them, and then when I wanted to stop eating them, I stopped eating them.

And what I noticed was the silence.

The Silence of the Frazzles

The Silence of the Frazzles

I looked at them. An old line in my head started to crank up – “oh, might as well finish them, there’s only five there”.

But I decided that just because they were on a plate and in front of me, that didn’t mean I had to eat them. I didn’t struggle and strain to not eat them. I just. did. not. want. them.

And that is all. The line in my head stopped played – and was replaced with ….


And what I realised is that I tried for years and years to get to this place. I used diet tips, diets themselves, all sorts of methods to “control” my eating.

Yet here I am, in the exact place I thought that dieting, “being good” and “being mindful of food” would get me to.

And I did it with – nothing.

I didn’t need a diet. I didn’t need an eating programme. I didn’t need to pay much attention to food at all.

The answer to what do you do instead of dieting? The answer is – nothing.

(there is no spoon!)

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Hi I'm Jenny and I used to believe my life was complete shit unless I was a certain size and shape. I've now thrown that idea into the Fuck It Bucket and I am on a mission to get women to realise they don't have to be on a permadiet to have a happy and healthy life. Oh and by the way, ditching the diet doesn't mean sitting on the sofa eating endless doughuts. Just clearing that one up,
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One Comment

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Just found you when I put into google Sick of being on a diet, and up you popped. Heard the saying “When the pupil is ready the teacher will come” ?. and here you are ! This post about frazzles is just what I needed to read , quote ” The answer to what do you do instead of dieting , Nothing”. Bingo, this is what I crave a nothing, a quiet head instead of the constant verbal abuse I give myself over food, eating, dieting , body shape , and all the other stuff that goes with it. I say” Fuck Dieting” I just want to be me and learn to like me right now.

    Thank you Jenny from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom and bravery.

    much Love

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