On Being a Work in Progress

Shortcut to diet ditching – for good!

I hear a lot from people about how they have ditched the diet, and they’re working on being kinder to themselves, but it’s a work in progress.

That’s OK.

I know it looks sometimes as if people who have ditched the diet have it all worked out, that we live in a multicoloured world of unicorn magic where each day we spring out of bed full of shits and giggles.

If only it were that simple. I thought it would be. When I ditched the diet, back in 2009, I thought to myself I’d maybe have a month or two where it would be rocky then it would all be OK.

It wasn’t. Progress isn’t linear. It goes round in circles and back on itself, making loops here and there. And sometimes one throwaway remark can smelt us to mush in 0.03 seconds.

So how do we deal with this? How do we keep going, stop listening to the drip – drip – drip of Chinese water torture that tells us we’re not thin enough and should we really be eating THAT?

Well, this infernal dripping can be used for good instead of evil. We tend to think in terms of one-size-fits-all-here-is-the-magic-bullet solution, even though logically we know that ain’t true.

So play it at its own game. You don’t have to jump up and make sweeping declarations. just use small, regular actions back at the negative voice. Each time it tosses and insult at you, toss something right back.

I use the word “whatever” a lot. I love it – it’s quick + simple and it’s really saying “I don’t care what you say”. For example:

“You’re getting a double chin!!” – WHATEVER

“You’ve already had three of those!!” – WHATEVER

“No exercise at ALL today!! You SLOB” – WHATEVER

It closes the conversation down. Time was, I would listen to that voice and plead and bargain back with it. “But I’ll make up for it tomorrow”, I’d stammer, feeling a tidal wave of shame. I’d whip out a tracker, declare that this was IT and I was going to get thin, and then I’d feel good.

That’s total bollocks. It doesn’t work that way. Not one second of all that shaming myself ever did anything good for me.

So, the next time you hear that voice – shut it down. Quickly. Terminate the ass off of it, cos it ain’t doing you any favours.

Grab a listen to this track – one of my arsenal of weapons against the Diet Tribe crapola in my head. When you feel the witterings rising – just say



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Hi I'm Jenny and I used to believe my life was complete shit unless I was a certain size and shape. I've now thrown that idea into the Fuck It Bucket and I am on a mission to get women to realise they don't have to be on a permadiet to have a happy and healthy life. Oh and by the way, ditching the diet doesn't mean sitting on the sofa eating endless doughuts. Just clearing that one up,
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  1. I *love* that song. It’s so stupid.

    And yep, Work in progress here, too. Whatever!

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